Zing: They’re Family

What is Zing?

Zing is that swift sprint your dog makes from the back of the house to greet you, tail wagging at warp speed, as you enter the front door. It’s that enthusiasm with which your cat affectionately rubs against your leg at any given moment. It’s that liveliness of being outside at the park, and being surrounded by other pets and pet owners.

It’s that same loving zing that Zing Pet Supplies aims to bring to the pet community. Zing is an e-commerce pet supply company founded and owned by Veronica Hayes.

Growing up, animals played a significant part in her life, from the pets she and her brothers cared for to tending to the animals on the family farm. Today, she simply cannot step out of her home without seeing cats peering out the windows of other homes in her neighborhood, or having several of her neighbors pass by while walking their dogs. Some neighbors even walk with their cats on leashes!

A military wife and mother, Veronica has dedicated her career to helping individuals with disabilities for over 15 years. In doing so, she has witnessed firsthand the significant love and support that pets provide for their caretakers, from seeing-eye dogs and seizure-detecting dogs to emotional support animals. In seeing this bond between humans and their four-legged companions, Veronica was inspired to extend her dedication to helping others towards pet owners.

She recognized the opportunity after her son Keith adopted their dog, Nike. As they worked to make a home for Nike–from gathering food, medicines, and supplies to purchasing toys–Veronica saw their cost of caring for Nike climb by leaps and bounds. She wondered how much other pet owners were paying to keep their furry companions happy and healthy and, upon further research, saw that most pet owners were OVERPAYING significantly for their pet’s wellbeing.

Hence, Zing Pet Supplies was born, embodying the same energy, enthusiasm, and liveliness of your four-legged companion to address the needs of you and your best friend. Zing is not only dedicated to promoting pet health and providing quality supplies at reasonable costs, but also to providing greater opportunities and helping individuals with disabilities and social challenges flourish, gain and expand their experience in the workforce and promote job growth.

Zing holds itself to the highest standards and strives to operate with the utmost integrity so that your experience with Zing is not merely a transaction, but a collaboration to provide the best love and support that gives your pet a long, healthy, and happy life.


Veronica Hayes

rabbit with glasses


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